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The design of La Monacilla Golf Club, by Mr. Jose Maria Olazabal, features fairways with subtle shapes and slopes and large, well protected greens.The course design fits perfectly with the natural shape of the land and this, allied to the quality of the golf holes, means that La Monacilla is a great golfing challenge for players of all handicaps while still maintaining the beauty of a natural woodlandA feature of the design are the six tees on each hole, allowing each golfer to choose the layout that best fits to their level of play.

The strategic placement of the fairway bunkers means that each tee fits perfectly to the hole layout making the course an enjoyable challenge for golfers of all abilities.The result of this fabulous golf arquitecture, combined with the superb course maintenance and the wonderful weather conditions found in the Huelva province, is a paradise for golfers. La Monacilla, according to golfers themselves, is the reference point for great golf in Eastern Andalucia.

With more than 3000 hours of sun and an average temperature of 18º in Huelva, La Monacilla is located in the perfect area for the practice of golf where play is available every month of the year.

In conclusion, La Monacilla is a great  experience for passionate  golfers.

La Monacilla Golf Club18 Hoyos. PAR 72.
Negras6.886 m / 7580 yardas
Blancas6.443 m / 7.090 yardas. Slope 125
Amarillas6.020 m / 6.625 yardas. Slope 118
Azules5.529 m / 6.100 yardas. Slope 124
Rojas5.164 m / 5.685 yardas. Slope 120


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Hole 1

hoyo 1

A short par 4 with a wide fairway where long hitters could go for the green. The difficulty of this hole is in the 11 bunkers situated around the green. In order to lay up off the tee it is best to use an iron to avoid the well placed fairway bunkers.

A hole where accuracy is well rewarded.

Hole 1Par 4Hcp: 16
Tee Negras298 m.328 yds.
Tee Blancas284 m.312 yds.
Tee Amarillas273 m.300 yds.
Tee Azules259 m.285 yds.
Tee Rojas224 m.247 yds.

Hole 2

hoyo 2

The prime danger on the second hole is the lake that is situated all the way down the left side of the fairway. Another lake sits just in front of the tees although it requires only a short carry to reach the fairway. This short par 4 has a small green protected by two bunkers.

Hole 2Par 4Hcp: 14
Tee Negras342 m377 yds
Tee Blancas316 m348 yds
Tee Amarillas287 m316 yds
Tee Azules270 m298 yds
Tee Rojas250 m276 yds

Hole 3

hoyo 3

A long and difficult par 3 which, for most players, will require a driver or 3 wood off the tee. The sloping green is well protected by a bunker short right and a steep runoff area to the left.

Hole 3Par 3Hcp: 8
Tee Negras225 m248 yds
Tee Blancas209 m230 yds
Tee Amarillas196 m216 yds
Tee Azules171 m190 yds
Tee Rojas157 m173 yds

Hole 4

hoyo 4

A spectacular hole where the true beauty of the course becomes apparent. From the tee perched on high there is a wonderful view of this superb snaking par 5. A water hazard runs down the right of the hole in a tree filled valley while the left of the fairway is well protected by tall trees and out of bounds. The green is framed by two large bunkers, one on either side.

Hole 4Par 5Hcp: 6
Tee Negras492 m542 yds
Tee Blancas480 m530 yds
Tee Amarillas453 m500 yds
Tee Azules380 m420 yds
Tee Rojas375 m413 yds

Hole 5

hoyo 5

A par 4 played uphill between a water hazard on the right and out of bounds on the left all the while framed by the tall pines on either side. The fairway slopes to the right, so it is best to aim slightly down the left of the fairway. The green is raised and has a large and difficult bunker at the front making club selection vital.

Hole 5Par 4Hcp: 4
Tee Negras425 m468 yds
Tee Blancas391 m432 yds
Tee Amarillas368 m405 yds
Tee Azules345 m380 yds
Tee Rojas323 m356 yds

Hole 6

hoyo 6

A short 4 par designed to provide respite after the tough preceding holes. It features a slight right to left dogleg with two fairway bunkers and two greenside bunkers. Big hitters could carry the pine trees on the dogleg to reach the green, while others should lay up short of the fairway bunkers leaving a short iron to the green.

Hole 6Par 4Hcp: 18
Tee Negras365 m402 yds
Tee Blancas314 m346 yds
Tee Amarillas293 m323 yds
Tee Azules274 m302 yds
Tee Rojas252 m278 yds

Hole 7

hoyo 7
The signature hole of La Monacilla. A beautiful par 5 divided in two by a stream which connects the lakes which sit on either side of this hole. The drive is played short of this stream, and the lay up over it and onto the next part of the fairway also protect by water on the left side. If the first two shots are well handled, it will leave a short shot onto a green protected by water short, and a bunker long.

A beautiful golf hole.

Hole 7Par 5Hcp: 10
Tee Negras498 m548 yds
Tee Blancas485 m534 yds
Tee Amarillas465 m512 yds
Tee Azules439 m483 yds
Tee Rojas415 m457 yds

Hole 8

A par 4 with a right to left dogleg. There are two bunkers on the left side of the fairway which have to be avoided from the tee. The fairway is wide, but the drive should not be struck too far to the right to avoid the bunkers, as there is a small stream which runs up the right side of the fairway. The green is slightly raised and has a bunker short left and another at the back.

Hole 8Par 4Hcp: 9
Tee Negras404 m444 yds
Tee Blancas378 m416 yds
Tee Amarillas355 m391 yds
Tee Azules339 m373 yds
Tee Rojas316 m348 yds

Hole 9

A long and difficult par 4 this time featuring a left to right dogleg. The hole is framed on either side by dense woodland and a stream down the right side. Two huge bunkers wait on the left for any errant drive straying away from the danger on the right. For the long second shot, there is a  greenside bunker short right.

Hole 9Par 4Hcp: 2
Tee Negras463 m510 yds
Tee Blancas433 m477 yds
Tee Amarillas407 m448 yds
Tee Azules358 m394 yds
Tee Rojas353 m389 yds

Hole 10

A medium length par 3 where it is best to play slightly towards the right in order to avoid the bunker which sits short left of this green. The green is large with two platforms which might mean a long putt with a difficult read.

Hole 10Par 3Hcp: 9
Tee Negras221 m244 yds
Tee Blancas192 m212 yds
Tee Amarillas170 m187 yds
Tee Azules148 m163 yds
Tee Rojas130 m144 yds

Hole 11

A straight par 4 requiring accuracy from the tee and the fairway. The woodland encroaches into the fairway at the distance of a good drive with a bunker also sitting on the left side of the fairway, meaning that the best tee shot should be played short of this trouble. The green is wide with bunkers short left and short right making club selection vital.

Hole 11Par 4Hcp: 3
Tee Negras421 m463 yds
Tee Blancas397 m437 yds
Tee Amarillas373 m411 yds
Tee Azules323 m356 yds
Tee Rojas300 m330 yds

Hole 12

hoyo 12

A short par 3 which has as its main defense the large bunker and pine trees on the left of the green. The green is large and fairly flat, which should leave a makeable putt.

Hole 12par 3Hcp: 17
Tee Negras194 m214 yds
Tee Blancas166 m183 yds
Tee Amarillas145 m160 yds
Tee Azules127 m140 yds
Tee Rojas112 m124 yds

Hole 13

hoyo 13

A par 5 beautifully framed on either side by dense woodland. Two huge bunkers are on the left of the fairway, so the drive should be played down the right side. The second shot however should be played down the left of the fairway to avoid the stream the runs down the right towards the green. Watch out though for the large fairway bunker 50m short of the green.

Hole 13Par 5Hcp: 11
Tee Negras519 m572 yds
Tee Blancas496 m546 yds
Tee Amarillas474 m522 yds
Tee Azules454 m500 yds
Tee Rojas433 m477 yds

Hole 14

hoyo 14

A par 3 where the main challenge is to avoid the large bunker short right of the green. The green is large with two platforms and unless the ball is on the correct level it will be a complicated two putt.

Hole 14Par 3Hcp: 15
Tee Negras183 m202 yds
Tee Blancas175 m193 yds
Tee Amarillas153 m169 yds
Tee Azules144 m159 yds
Tee Rojas124 m137 yds

Hole 15

hoyo 15

The tight driving line on this Par 4 requires accuracy to avoid the bunkers and out of bounds on the left of the fairway and the tall trees and stream that run down the right. The green is well protected by two bunkers on the left and a steep runoff area on the right, although it is best to stay to the right on your approach shot.

Behind the green there is dense shrubbery which will make getting up and down very difficult.

Hole 15Par 4Hcp: 7
Tee Negras418 m460 yds
Tee Blancas401 m442 yds
Tee Amarillas381 m420 yds
Tee Azules317 m349 yds
Tee Rojas291 m321 yds

Hole 16

hoyo 16

A Par 5 where longer hitters can reach the green in two shots. The fairway runs in a right to left dogleg, from the tee framed by woodland on the left and 2 bunkers on the right. If the fairway is found from the tee, the green, raised and with a bunker short right, can be attacked for a good result on this hole.

Hole 16Par 5Hcp: 13
Tee Negras516 m568 yds
Tee Blancas480 m528 yds
Tee Amarillas458 m504 yds
Tee Azules436 m480 yds
Tee Rojas408 m450 yds

Hole 17

The most difficult hole on the course, this long and tight par 4 has a pronounced left to right dogleg. The tee shot should be played down the left in order to avoid the dense woodland and water hazard that runs all the way down the right, but avoiding the three bunkers that sit on the left of the fairway, providing a perfect aimline for a faded tee shot. The large green is well protected by bunkers short right and left.

A beautiful and challenging hole.

Hole 17Par 4Hcp 1
Tee Negras448 m493 yds
Tee Blancas430 m474 yds
Tee Amarillas408 m449 yds
Tee Azules386 m425 yds
Tee Rojas365 m402 yds

Hole 18

hoyo 18

This par 4 is a fine finishing hole. The fairway runs straight but is protected by a dense woodland on the right and well placed bunkers all the way up the hole meaning accuracy is a priority.

The long shot second shot is to a sloping green well protected and framed by two bunkers.

Hole 18Par 4Hcp: 5
Tee Negras454 m500 yds
Tee Blancas416 m458 yds
Tee Amarillas387 m426 yds
Tee Azules359 m395 yds
Tee Rojas36 m370 yds